Why I quit…

We demand excellence, instant success and absolute perfection when seeking anything today. The photography world is NOT what it used to be- and that’s OK… but it seems to be more about “who has what camera and lens” or “look how many followers I have on social media” anymore instead of “what can I CREATE for you, my clients” or “how can I be the best artist/photographer I can be”.

Client’s are fueled by Pinterest and beautifully curated Instagram feeds, while Photographers are literally working themselves to death to curate those feeds and reach the masses just to get their name out there. We are constantly comparing ourselves, as photographers, to other photographers who have 30k followers on social media… and when we can’t even break 1700 followers (without paying for them… that’s cheating!), we then doubt ourselves as photographers and business owners… and that starts an ugly vicious cycle of comparison and self doubt.

And can I be honest with you? It’s EXHAUSTING.

I am so darn exhausted keeping up with the “trends” in photography.

I am so darn exhausted keeping up with building my “social media following”.

So you know what?



I quit comparing myself to others.

I quit driving myself into crazy town by worrying about social media following.


Everyone is a “photographer” nowadays… and I get it. I do. I was an aspiring photographer long before I became a Professional Photographer. I use my iPhone to take daily pics of my kids, myself and my life. I used to have a cute little point and shoot camera (till cell phones replaced those!). I started my journey in the photography world as a photographer. But that’s just not enough for me anymore.

I quit being “just a photographer”.

I am an artist. I am a business owner. I am a strong, independent women who has the ability to capture a moment with my camera and curate those moments into art.

I refuse to get sucked in to the “who has more newborn props” cycle.

I refuse to get mixed up in the “who charges what” game.

I refuse to get bummed about the “who has the better equipment” thought process.

What I will do is this:

I will continue to offer my clients the best experience I can offer and educate them on my process.

I will continue to Thank God for each and every single client He leads my way.

I will continue to grow in MY ART… and not compare myself to others.

I will continue to love my clients like family and offer only the best products on the market.

I will continue to run my business as an actual business… because my family depends on me for it.

And I promise to always give my best.