So when I say "your children and their children will thank you one day for being in pictures with them versus being behind the camera" it stems from personal experience. 
My goal for your family is to have beautiful portraits grace the walls of the home you dwell in, captured in a timeless portrait style that will withstand time and trends. So when you walk by those portraits in 10, 20, 30, 40 years... you remember the day when you had your new baby photographed in all their littleness and perfection. The smell of a newborn. The sounds of a newborn. The feeling you got when you held your newborn baby in your arms... 

That's my dream and wish for you. 

My faith and my family are my two most important factors in my life. My driving factors if you'd like to say... 

I'm Julie

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Fun facts!


My current favorite worship song is No One Else (Tear Down the Idols) by Jesus Culture. 

a hobby that i love

Home Decor! I love designing beautiful gallery walls and styling my home. 

my go-to vacation getaway

 Disneyland or Hawaii. Two of my most favorite places! 

things I enjoy

My frenchie

Dutch Bros


words to live by

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done"
Ecclesiastes 11:4

I am a SoCal native turned Washingtonian for over a decade now. I live in the South Sound with my blended family. Besides being a newborn photographer, I co-own The Birth Society- a Doula Collective focusing on empowerment, education and advocating for families in birth and beyond. I am also a branding photographer, working with amazing small to mid size business owners, helping them uplevel their businesses. 
Babies and Business Owners are my jam. 

I am so honored that you are here, visiting my site and browsing around. I hope you enjoy the articles, written for YOU, and have some oxytocin moments browsing through the baby photos! 

Don't hesitate to contact me- I am here to answer any questions you have! 

- Seasoned Newborn & Birth Photographer
- Branding Photographer & Brand Coach
- Co Founder of The Birth Society, a Doula Collective
- Follower of Jesus, Worship Leader 
- Wife, Mama of 3 Teenagers (bonus mom to many)
- Obsessed with my Frenchie pup

why i am here

My Story

As a mom of my newly blended family with 3 teenagers, I can tell you from first hand experience- they really DO grow up in the blink of an eye. My oldest is about to head to college soon and my youngest is entering high school soon... don't miss out on documenting and proudly displaying the moments when your baby was little enough to tuck right into your arms. I promise you won't regret it. 

Why preserving moments in time are so important and precious... 

Every family that walks through my studio doors is so unique, so special and wonderful. And as an artist and business owner and just someone who loves people- it's my job to make you feel so special on your day with me! I promise to treat you and your family with the utmost care and kindness. 
I have a pretty extensive background with newborns as you can see above. Being a doula for almost 2 decades, a retired massage therapist specializing in infant craniosacral therapy, and a newborn educator, along with continuously growing my skill and craft as a newborn photographer, you are in good hands.   

What are the benefits of working with Julie, The Newborn Artist? 

uh yesss!

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Once session time arrives, we will have so much FUN together! After the session is completed, then the REAL fun begins! 

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Once you have chosen to move forward and book your session with The Newborn Artist, we will then begin the planning process. 

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