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Capturing the newest members of your family, located in Puyallup WA. 

A session with The Newborn Artist isn't your typical photo session- it's a one of a kind experience that is tailored to each family we work with. Julie's goal is to capture the authentic and new connection between parents and their new baby, forever documenting those moments and printing the portraits out. Because one day, your children will love to see photos of you with them, gracing the walls of your home. 

With each session, we understand every family is different, which is why we have curated collections to choose from to take away from the stress of making so many decisions during the 4th trimester. 

Our studio is located in the beautiful Tacoma/Puyallup area of Washington, tucked in between Seattle and Olympia.

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Your love story with your newborn 


Julie has been photographing newborns and educating new parents since 2007, where she started as a birth worker who was asked to take some photos during a birth. She expanded her knowledge base by attending school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in infant massage and Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy.
Having almost 2 decades of experience with newborns and their families, Julie has a deep love for capturing the true beauty of newborns in all their littleness. And then printing heirloom art to grace the walls of your home, making those photo sessions not “just a session” but a day you will always remember… and talk about during family gatherings as your children grow up. 

Because remember… they only are this little for a while… 

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We are most alive when we’re in love


One day your children and their children will thank you for being in photographs with them...
 Not always behind the camera.