first 48 and limited birth photography

hello baby

The First 48 hours of life are incredible times to capture memories. Julie is a long-time birth photographer and birth worker (she owns a doula agency, is a newborn educator and pediatric craniosacral therapist), so when inviting her into the birth room- you're inviting a seasoned professional. 
Births are extremely limited and Hello Baby (the first 48 hours after birth) are also set on a limited basis. We also have a video add on option to commemorate your special day (or day 2) with your babe! 

We serve the following hospitals and birthing centers (and of course home birth):
- St. Joseph's Tacoma (hospital and birthing center)
- Tacoma General 
- Good Sam Puyallup (hospital and birthing center)
- Valley Medical Center, Renton (hospital and birthing center)
- The Birthing Inn 
- St. Francis in Federal Way (hospital and birthing center)
and beyond