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The BEST Nursing Bra on the market for 2018


It’s the week of Mother’s Day so I decided to honor mama’s with a week of fun finds, tips for pregnancy and that 4th trimester, nursing/breastfeeding help and some other fun stuff!


Let’s talk about nursing bra’s today…


Any nursing mom knows what a total pain the boob it can be to find a good nursing bra… one that will hold up those engorged knockers of yours, one that will withstand all the washes because well… nursing breasts leak, and one that is COMFORTABLE!

Breastfeeding is seriously a full time job in itself, let alone being a mama with a little nursling attached to your engorged boobs all the time (hello… those first 12 weeks of nursing and every single growth spurt), so it’s super important to find a bra (bra’s) that are comfortable, soft, supportive and make your boobs look nice! Cause come on… we all want our “girls” to look nice and perky, specially when we are dealing with our 4th trimester bodies.




So… I scoured the internet, talked to friends who are currently nursing (I’ve been done nursing for 4 years, almost 5 years now, but I nursed for almost 7 years straight), and even have had a few companies reach out to me about their products.

I’m picky. I’m selective. I am NOT going to promote or suggest products that I don’t LOVE. Why? Because I care about my clients & readers.


The 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra by Third Love & 27/7 Classic Wireless Nursing Bra


HOLY MOLY ladies! These bra’s are the REAL DEAL! One of my recent clients was wearing the classic wireless bra (in black). It was SO SOFT! She said she can sleep in it (wireless!!!) and they are super sturdy and durable. You can’t go wrong with soft, study AND durable, right? Go check them out and see the sizes they carry (up to G!) and pamper your hard working nursing boobs!









(this post is not a sponsored or affiliated post… just a lovin on a company)

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