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The Birth of Benjamin | Tacoma Home Birth


A Tacoma Home Birth Story

It was about 4pm on Christmas Eve Eve (December 23rd) and I had received a text message from Chelsea that she was in labor. I gave her a call and we chatted about how she was feeling and determined she was most definitely  in her early stages of labor. When I looked at the clock, I remember thinking “It’s Christmas Eve Eve… I’ve got a surprise military homecoming I’m shooting tomorrow morning… I’m going to be exhausted and we can’t miss our Christmas Eve services at church!” So… I made sure the birth bag was packed, my batteries were charged and got the family ready for church.

At 11:15 pm, just after I laid my head to rest… I got the call. I heard Chelsea’s voice. I knew it was time to get over there.

So on December 23rd, at 11:30pm, I headed to Chelsea and Joseph’s home to capture their sweet little Christmas Eve baby’s arrival.

As I arrived shortly before midnight, the two midwives also arrived at the same time. These two midwives are hands down AMAZING. Dawn is the owner over at First Light Midwives- check out her website

When walking into the home, Chelsea was in a deep contraction… yet she was able to still smile and laugh with us (I’m pretty sure I made some sort of joke). She was being comforted by her husband, Joe, and her mama. The house was dimly lit, with a cute little Christmas tree in the corner. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was playing on the tv, so Will Smith’s character’s goofy antics were always in the corner of my eye 😉

Chelsea transitioned pretty quickly after we all arrived. Joe was a CHAMP! I love when I see spouses wholeheartedly supporting their beautiful, empowered and stunning wives. He gave her what she needed. She needed quiet? He gave her a strong arm to hold on to and spoke nothing. She needed words of affirmation and prayers prayed with her? He spoke eloquently and words of Christ over her.

Chelsea had her sweet little Benjamin just about 2 hours after her birth team arrived (her midwives and me).

It was beautiful. Powerful. Joyful.

She exuded strength given to her from above, and brought her beautiful little boy into the world at 1:45 am on December 24th 2017.

Happy BIRTH Day sweet Benjamin.

Chelsea and Joe- you two are absolutely amazing. Thank you for inviting me into the birthing room and allowing me to document a moment so special in your lives. xo, Julie | The Newborn Artist Tacoma Birth Photographer



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