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Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Professional Birth Photographer

I know you’ve seen it on The Today Show, Huffpost, Instagram, Facebook and basically all over social media- Birth Photography. People tend to think that Birth Photography or hiring a Birth Photographer is a new concept or a fad… but it’s really not. Women have been having their births photographed for decades, but usually by a husband/partner or family friend. And while those photos turned out nice, they usually tucked those pictures away in a box hidden under the stair case and would only revisit them once every 20 years or so.
Not anymore!

We live in a day and age that is such an exciting time for mamas and papas! We are celebrating how amazing women are and the beauty of birth! My clients are getting these amazing heirloom albums that they proudly display in their homes, so they remember the birth of their beautiful children. Videos are being shared across the globe of birth and the strength these mamas are showing. We live in a society where birth is celebrated again!

So… why choose to have YOUR birth photographed and documented by a professional birth photographer vs. your sibling or partner? Read more below and I’ll tell you why!


Here are the top 5 reasons why YOU should hire a PROFESSIONAL Birth Photographer for your birth story!

1. You can focus on being present in the moment.

Growing a little human is hard work. It’s even harder work giving birth to that precious watermelon you are planning on pushing out through a hole the size of an orange… (I promise I’m not trying to scare you!!!) When a woman is in labor, she goes into this special place in the back of her mind that helps her concentrate, listen to her body and focus. When your baby is born, it’s a whirlwind of emotions and moments that we tend to quickly forget. A professional photographer will be there to document those moments – from your baby’s first cry to the emotion you had when seeing your baby for the first time- and forever preserve it all. You can’t beat that.

2. Your birthing partner will be able to support you wholeheartedly.

Birthing partners have one main goal during your labor and delivery… to support YOU. To rub your back, get that tennis ball and roll it on your lower back, give you some killer hip flexes to help relieve pain, to pray with you and just love on you. Your birthing partner is typically doing a lot of stuff on the side for you- getting you snacks, water, helping you to the bathroom, helping you focus and concentrate. The LAST thing your birthing partner needs is to have a camera in their hand and worry about getting good shots of the birth when they should be holding your hands and giving you love through their words and touch during the birth of your baby. Hiring a Professional Birth Photographer eliminates that extra stress your birthing partner would have if they were also in charge of taking photos during your birth.

3. The “What IF” factor.

When my son was born, he was whisked away from me quickly because he was grunting. The doctors were worried he had something wrong with his lungs, and I didn’t get to hold my baby for 6 hours after he was born. I didn’t get to see him for 6 hours. 6 HOURS. Turns out he was fine (he still grunts to this day lol) but I lost 6 hours of my sons life that I will never be able to get back. I have photographed babies being born that had known birth defects or health problems and I was the ONE PERSON that stayed with the baby the entire time, documenting the moments while we were waiting, or waiting on mom’s to come out of surgeries. As a birth photographer, we see moments that most people don’t get to see or forget. And our job is to document those moments so they aren’t lost forever, like my son’s first 6 hours of life were. Dang it… now I’m all teary eyed.

4. Birth Photography requires more than just a nice cell phone to take stunning portraits.

Hospitals have ugly lighting. We all know it. For home birth, depending on the time of day or night… the lighting is either amazing, horrible or eh. Babies can come out QUICKLY and capturing those shots, in focus and with beautiful depth of field, can’t be taken with a cell phone. Hiring a professional birth photographer means your photographer will have professional grade equipment. We have invested time and lots of money into this equipment, learning how to use our cameras (not on auto… it’s like driving an automatic transmission car vs a manual transmission during a car race… you want to be able to control the car!), and post processing (lightroom, photoshop). As much as I love Apple and Samsung and LG… their camera’s will NEVER REPLACE a professional grade camera. Ever.

5. A professional Birth Photographer is part of YOUR birth team.

As a member of each of my clients birth team, I am an advocate for my client and her baby. Depending on where you give birth, sometimes doctors and nurses can put pressure on a mama because they are at a hospital. And hospitals are businesses… get em in, get em out, bill them. Not that I’m saying hospitals are bad- that’s not what I’m saying at all. But I have witnessed too many new mothers being pressured into an induction when their bodies weren’t ready to give birth and their babies were just fine inside- leading to a prolonged and painful labor, eventually leading to an unnecessary c-section. I have seen doctors literally tell a birthing mother that she just “cant” do this, so they should just prep her for surgery. I’ve seen so much happen in the blink of a moment and I’ve seen parents literally FREAK OUT. Having a doula and/or Midwife at your labor is AMAZING, but if you don’t have a midwife or a doula at your birth- that’s where your birth photographer can step in if you want them to. Birth Photographers can be a fly on the wall or as involved as YOU, the birthing mama, needs them to be. We are there for you. We are there to document all the moments for YOU. If you need us to put down the camera for a moment and just give you words of encouragement or a hug… that’s what we’re there for! Having someone other than your spouse/partner to stand up for you and your baby is so important in today’s hospitals.


I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is to be invited into the birthing room. To be able to document and capture moments that will be preserved forever is so special.

Do yourself a favor and hire a birth photographer for your next birth. Find a birth photographer that you click with and snag them up! I promise you that you wont regret hiring a professional birth photographer!


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