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How to Maximize Your Santa Photo Session | Seattle Newborn Photographer


Christmas is in 5 more Fridays from now…



I know you’re thinking the same thing, as you are checking your calendar to see if I’m right or wrong… and then you’re realizing that you have your child’s Santa Photo Session coming up soon! If you’re coming to our studio sessions with Santa, we have a very beautiful and neutral setup. Think Simple. We focus on the people, not props, here at The Newborn Artist Studio. So expect a simple white background, a pretty garland or wreath… and the best Santa in the Pacific Northwest!!!!

Since Santa is coming soon, I thought I would put together a quick post on some tips and tricks on how to prepare your kiddos for their meeting with our amazing Santa for their Santa Photo Session!

Preparing for your Santa Photo Session Tips, Tricks and More


1. What to WEAR: This is a huge headache sometimes. What do we get our kids to wear for their pictures with Santa??? I mean, you want your kid to look adorable, but be comfortable and not cry cause their clothes are itchy or whatever else our children find excuses for to make us know they don’t like the outfit they’re wearing. We all deal with it. Trust me. What I’ve learned is this- my older kids are simple: TAKE THEM with you to shop and give them 2 choices. YOUR choices… but they think they are getting to make the decision. Littles are easier: you buy what you love, cause they could care less. I’m sure our babies are only thinking about naps, poops and milk. Neutral colors are best. No crazy patterns. Keep it simple- a solid colored dress/top and whatever you want on the bottom. I’ve included a few cute outfits from Old Navy so you can go check them out! P.S. They are 40% off right now. You’re welcome! Also, check out my Pinterest Board HERE for more outfit idea’s for the holidays!

2. Introduce your sweet kiddos to Santa! Read some books with happy, jolly Santa’s or watch some fun movies with Santa as the star! Show your kiddo’s how fun, kind and loving Santa is! We expect tears- heck… we embrace the tears (hello… newborn and birth photographer here… tears are a given) but I can guarantee you that your little one will feel a little more prepared when you show them photographs and movies of Santa. Hey… show your kiddos OUR Santa, so they know his holly jolly smile when they come see him! We are used to working with Santa AND with children of all ages, so we have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure happy smiles and giggles. If all else fails and your little one is like “HECK TO THE NO… I AM NOT sitting on his lap” we can try some hand holding and if anything have a family Santa photo! (P.S… Santa’s beard is much longer. I saw him today and it’s super thick and fluffy)!!!


3. Try and stay away from phrases like ” Don’t be scared” or “Santa isn’t going to hurt you” or the ever so famous “Don’t cry”! Instead, use positive reinforcement phrases such as “Are you so excited to see Santa???” and ” Santa is going to be thrilled to see you” or “Look how much FUN we are going to have with Santa today!!!”. Have your little one prepare a letter for Santa too. This will give THEM the excitement to hand Santa their letter! We have the cutest Santa Mailbox… they will get a kick out of giving him something special. Shoot… they can even make Santa a little something special for their special time with him! Be creative! Make a salt ornament for Santa or have your little one draw him a picture. Santa will LOVE the gesture and it also helps the kids attach the notion of Santa and seeing him!

4. Be easy breezy. Santa Photo Session day is NOT a day of stress and anxiety. It’s a day of fun and happiness! Nap well BEFORE you bring the kiddos to see Santa. When kids wake up and then see this man who they don’t know with a white beard and a big red suit… that’s when it’s time to cue the tears and screams. Hug Santa in front of your kiddos! Show them you trust him! (PS… Our Santa is seriously freaking amazing. He’s a grandpa, an educator in the Puyallup School District and serves at Puyallup Foursquare Church with me… he’s awesome).

5. Eat before hand. Feed your kiddo some snacks before you come over to see Santa. Obviously nothing messy, but something yummy. Like Goldfish crackers! and string cheese. Ooh yum. Now I want some!

6. Last but not least… PREPARE TO HAVE FUN!!!!! We want this to be a fun, happy and overall easy going time with Santa! No waiting in lines- instead you get to wait upstairs in the waiting area with Christmas music, crafts for the kiddos and my little elves helping out! (when I say MY little elves… they really are mine. My kids. Yes. I put my children to work) 😉 Then… after it all, you get to go home and RELAX! Because this is the calm before the storm of shopping, family photo sessions, MORE shopping, long lines at the Post Office and traffic.


We can’t WAIT to see YOU soon!

hugs, Julie | Owner & Photographer at The Newborn Artist

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