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Hospital Bag Checklist for…. the Birthing Partner


Oh yes. You knew it was coming! The Hospital Bag checklist for… YOUR BIRTHING PARTNER!!!  After my first installment of “The Birth Bag”, I’ve gotten so many requests to write more blogs about birth, newborn and basically life with baby! So, here’s your next installment of awesomeness with a dose of sarcastic humor (or my attempt at it) with some inspirational goodness mixed in there.
travel bag for hospitalsI am a birth and newborn photographer. And as a birth photographer, I have the amazing honor of documenting little babes arriving into the world. I am always the one behind the camera. Literally- always. I may attempt to take a killer selfie occasionally, but I prefer to stay behind the camera and help mama out when she’s having that baby. So, when my sweet friend approached me about being her birth coach/partner because her hubby is deployed oversees, I said HECK YES! I never get to just BE there. To be a part of the birth without a camera in my hand (which by the way… I love shooting birth so much, I could literally do it every day and love my life). And then after I said yes… I had a moment of panic. What the HECK do I pack in MY bag?

I know she’s got her bag ready (thanks to my awesome blog HERE). She even called me to ask what snacks I wanted! (Teryaki beef jerky, granola bars and some bottled water… best hospital snacks EVER). But I keep thinking to myself… what do I pack in my bag? I should obviously pack a small bag that’s different from my “birth tog bag”.  That’s an easy bag (what… photographer friends, you say you want your own blog about a birth bag for photogs? You got it! Coming soon to The Newborn Artist lol). So, I sat down and scrolled through the internet and made lists. Oh the lists. And then after being completely overwhelmed, I decided to start from scratch and came up with a FABULOUS list! So. Here we go….

The Checklist

  1. Your necessary toiletries- such as toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, makeup, deodorant. But nothing too dramatic smelling… because you don’t want to make mama’s nose activated even more than it already is!
  2. An extra set of clothes- COMFY clothes but appropriate. Does that make sense? Like… don’t bring a tattered up t-shirt with Calvin doing Hobbs and sweats. Bring something your not afraid to go out in to grab some food or something you’re not ashamed to be seen in if you ran into your boss or pastor…
  3. Bring some extra power cords for charging those iPhones, iPads and Samsung Phones! You don’t want your battery to die when you guys are sending out the official “BABY IS HERE” text messages! Or God forbid, your phone die when Face-timing new Grandparents… that never a good way to start the arrival of your new baby with potential in-laws that still may not like you 100% yet… I’m just being honest! 😉
  4. BRING FOOD. Food that can be pre-packed in your bag obviously… granola, almonds, craisins, beef jerky, some candy… gum… all good things to have. Don’t worry about hot food- most hospitals nowadays have decent food. And new mama will be taken care of… but YOU wont be. So make sure to not pass out and have some food on hand that isn’t from a vending machine! Starbucks VIE coffee packets are also FABULOUS to have! Get that caffeine!
  5. Bring some water. Bottled water from your favorite bottled watering source. Gotta stay hydrated as the birthing partner! Tap water is nasty. We all know it. Stay away from the added chlorine and fluoride in tap water and bring some Crystal Geyser. 😉 You’ll thank me later.
  6. Bring a pillow for you. Hospital pillows for the birthing partner SUCKS. They are flat and you know… other people slept on them… so bring a touch of home if you’re staying overnight and don’t forget your partner’s pillow!
  7. A book. Preferably a book that you haven’t read but are actually interested in. There are going to be moments where mama is sleeping and after baby is born, baby is sleeping… and you won’t be tired. So bring something to read quietly and stimulate your brain. Plus books are quiet… and you don’t have to worry about laughing loudly at the latest episode of whatever comedy you’re watching- and waking the baby. or worse… your wife/girlfriend/partner/friend…
  8. Last but not least… pack some drugs. Over the counter drugs!!! Get your mind in the right place (I’m literally shaking my finger and giggling)… like Zyrtec for your allergies, or some Advil for headaches. Cause hospitals can be dry. You can get a headache… and PLEASE DON’T COMPLAIN in front of your birthing partner! She either just pushed a baby out of her vagina or had a major surgery… so your complaining of a headache or stuffy/runny nose isn’t going to amuse her. At all. Save yourself a bigger headache and make sure you also HAVE COFFEE. 😉

I hope you enjoyed my somewhat amusing rendition of what to pack in your hospital bag for the birthing partner!

Did I miss anything? Let me know what YOU recommend in the comments below!

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