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Shush little baby | Seattle Newborn Photographer





If you are a parent- new or seasoned parent… you know this sound. You know it well.

You know that your sweet little baby who has the face of an angel, can sometimes scream and cry like the world is ending. And in fact… sometimes when they cry for a constant period of time, it truly DOES feel like the world is ending!

This little handsome fella was the first one to try my new “shusher” app on my iPhone… and can I tell you a secret? It was the BEST $5.99 I’ve ever bought!!!! (you can find it for Apple or Android HERE).


His mama and daddy got stuck in some nasty traffic coming down from Seattle to my studio (it was a Friday afternoon… and traffic in Seattle isn’t so lovely). But they made it! And he was a happy, sleepy little bub! We even got some smiles from his sweet little self!

After some accidents… (cause it’s honestly pretty rare when I DON’T have to steam clean the studio floors after clients leave due to pee and poo accidents), and lots of laughs- he still rocked his session! His parents.. oh what a truly lovely couple. I have truly been blessed with the best clients.

So enjoy! And to the DePaola’s…. a huge THANK YOU for choosing me to capture your sweet bub. It was a blessing and an honor! xoxo, Julie | The Newborn Artist


Luca_Newborn-56_NewbornArtist.2016 Luca_Newborn-2_NewbornArtist.2016 Luca_Newborn-51_NewbornArtist.2016 Luca_Newborn-33_NewbornArtist.2016 Luca_Newborn-13_NewbornArtist.2016 Luca_Newborn-58_NewbornArtist.2016 Luca_Newborn-3_NewbornArtist.2016

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