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Seahawks Family Session | Puyallup Family Photographer


Everybody tends to dread “family photo season” to some extent. It’s tough getting everyone together for the sessions, getting the perfect outfits, getting hair done and choosing the little things that all add up to the “perfect” family photo session. I get it. I totally get it.

But this family DOESN’T dread family photos. Wanna know why?


Because we have fun during our sessions together.


Having a fun photographer, who can capture you and your family in all their awesomeness is essential. No stiff poses. No fake smiles. Just real families. Which brings me into my post.


I’ve had the honor this lovely family for 2 years now! And every time they get in front of my camera, magic happens. Faren and Nick are just a lovely couple. Silly, funny, sarcastic, full of love and smiles. And boy oh BOY do these two love each other and love their kiddos! And don’t even get me STARTED on how adorable Eli and Em are! Giggles. Just lots of giggles. Which equals fun.

We went out to Graham to capture this session this year. We hiked a bit, but enjoyed every sopping wet filled step (it was raining HARD earlier that day… but that’s the PNW for ya!). I think we all got our 10,000 steps in that session (which was short and sweet). Em smiled for Miss Julie and Eli loves the camera, so he and I have a special friendship 😉


By the way… can you tell they are Seahawks fans? No? When you scroll down and see Eli smiling BIG for me, remember this backstory. He asked me if I like the Seahawks. Of course I replied “HECK YEAH DUDE!” and that’s the face I got when I answered him. Priceless. And that boy LOVES his Seahawks (I’m sure you can tell by his awesomesauce hair).


Faren & Nick- Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me year after year to capture your beautiful family! I love watching the kids grow from behind my lens! Love and hugs to you 4! xoxo, Julie, The Newborn Artist- Puyallup Newborn, Birth and Family Photographer


Oglesbee_Family_2015-2_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-8_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-13_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-15_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-19_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-25_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-29_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-32_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-68_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-63_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-54_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-51_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-43_BJPWEB Oglesbee_Family_2015-37_BJPWEB

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