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Leblanc Family | Puyallup Family Photographer


This is the Leblanc Family.
They are fun. Silly. Creative. Loving. Jesus Following kind of folks. And I am proud to call them friends. Alexsys (mama) is an AMAZING hair stylist (dude… she is a hair goddess… She’s the one who does my ombre’). Greg is a super awesome fire fighter. Their kids are so incredibly talented. And silly. And Jaxson wasn’t having it during the session this time. But goodness did we have some FUN! In the whopping 20 minutes we were together! ( I promise you… 20 minutes is all you need for a quick family session… the longer you go, the more distracted the kids always get).

I think the thing I love about these photos is that they are REAL. Real life. No fake smiles. No “say cheese” moments. Each person in these photos let their true selves shine. And it was fantastic. And perfect. Because we need to remember to embrace our imperfections- like our quirky laughs, or the way one of our children smile when getting pictures taken. THAT is real life. And let me tell you this… we laughed. We had a blast together!


So please, enjoy! And if you are interested in booking a family session… they are very limited this November (and I don’t photograph families in December) so hurry and book your session today!

Alexsys and Greg- thanks for being YOU. I’m so blessed to call you friends! xoxo, Julie- The Newborn Artist, Puyallup Family Photographer


LeBlanc_Family_2015-2_BJPWEB LeBlanc_Family_2015-3_BJPWEB LeBlanc_Family_2015-10_BJPWEB LeBlanc_Family_2015-18_BJPWEB LeBlanc_Family_2015-21_BJPWEB LeBlanc_Family_2015-28_BJPWEB LeBlanc_Family_2015-33_BJPWEB

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