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A session with The Newborn Artist is a one of a kind experience. The Newborn Artist documents moments that are authentic, raw and real between a parent and newborn. She captures the absolute perfection of a newborn cry or smile or dreaming faces. Located in beautiful Puyallup, Washington tucked in between Seattle and Olympia, The Newborn Artist Studio is a calming, neutral color based studio that focuses on natural and organic posing, with a strong emphasis in capturing authentic moments between parents and their newborn baby.

Below you will get to see more session information and see a glimpse into The Newborn Artist Experience

Our booking and sales process tends to be more on the classic side of photography studios. We have a base session fee and no studio minimum purchases.

You only purchase what you love.



A glimpse into booking a session

  • After you inquire, we will send you a few messages to get to know each other a little and schedule an in-person consultation. During your consultation, we will get to know each other a little better and Julie will set expectations for your session(s) and go over important session information. This is when you ask all the questions you’ve been thinking about!
  • After the consultation has concluded, if you choose to book with The Newborn Artist, we will set up your client portal (you can go there directly from our website via the Client Lounge!) where you will find your invoice for your session, a contract, questionnaire and a few other little gems that you will have access to.
  • To officially book with us, you MUST SIGN the contract and pay your invoice before we place you on the books. Please remember that we only take a limited amount of clients per month to ensure you get the absolute best experience with us! This means we can book out months in advance. Don’t hesitate to contact us though, if you’ve just realized your baby is due tomorrow and you wanted a newborn session! We will do our best to accommodate you!
  • After your invoice is paid, contract signed and questionnaire filled out… you’ll get a few more emails from us during the waiting period before your session.
  • Once the session is done, we will schedule your in-person ordering appointment within 1-2 weeks of your session date. This is when you’ll get to see your photos and choose the products you want!

We strive to give the absolute BEST PRODUCTS on the market to our clients. Julie has literally tried and tested every single product we carry in the studio for quality and longevity of the product. You can be assured that your products are all heirloom quality – meaning it will outlast you, your children, and your great grandchildren.

Since we don’t have studio minimums, our sales process is very simple and straight forward. You buy what you love. Simply put. You will get to see the portraits in person during the ordering appointment- which is so much fun because it solidifies the portrait session you experienced with The Newborn Artist!

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Session information for Maternity:

You’ve recently found out you are pregnant, growing a little miracle inside your beautiful body… and you think to yourself- Should I do maternity photos? Should I get my pregnancy documented? What if I look fat? What if my skin looks different? What if… What if you hired a photographer that loves working with pregnant mamas, one who has years of experience making pregnant mamas look and FEEL fabulous about themselves? I have photographed quite a few pregnant mamas over the past 8 years being a professional photographer, and can I tell you a secret? Each mom had their own insecurities. When each mom saw their photos from their sessions- those insecurities disappeared a bit. Want to know why? Because each mama, each woman who is growing a miracle inside her womb, is absolutely wonderfully made and amazingly beautiful. For Pricing Information- click HERE



Session information for Birth:

Every birth deserves to be documented.

Choosing a birth photographer to document your birth is exciting and also can be a little stressful at the same time. Finding the right birth photographer to compliment your birthing plan and be a part of your birthing team is incredibly important. When choosing Julie The Newborn Artist, to be a part of your birthing team, you are choosing a birth photographer who is both professional and caring. Someone who will be an advocate for you and your family. For Pricing Information- click HERE




Session information for Newborn:

The Newborn Collective- a collaborative aspect of your Newborn Baby.

You are probably wondering why I am calling your newborn photos a “collaborative aspect of your newborn baby”, aren’t you? Well… Here’s why: Your newborn baby is a piece of art, created by you and your partner. A little bit of perfection in human form. Babies are so innocent when they enter this world. And NOW is the time to capture their sweet little natures. Between days 4-14 of age is best, but I will take a newborn up to 21 days old. For Pricing Information- click HERE


Life Created Family

Session information for Family Lifestyle:

Hugs. Snuggles. Coffee. Kisses. Messes. Bed Hair. Loveys. Tears. Giggles. Belly Laughs.

These are all elements in your family that equate to a perfectly imperfect mess we call LIFE. Lifestyle Photography, or as we like to call it – LIFE CREATED– is a fun and authentic way of capturing your family. Celebrate who YOU and YOUR family are. Celebrate the beauty you have created in your home.

Choose to have you and your family captured in the comfort of your own home. For Pricing Information- click HERE

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