Santa Session early access

Want early access to our AMAZING Santa Claus this up coming 2018?

100% of all proceeds go to help our local charities- from feeding families for the holidays to giving school supplies for those who need and more! 

Read below for more information

Sign up for early access to our 2018 santa sessions! Early access includes:

  • First access to sign up for your time slot in August instead of last minute booking and worrying about not getting the time slot you wanted!
  • DISCOUNTS! Yes... if you book early, the extra goodies will come.
  • Have access to our private page, where your little one's can see Santa's picture and watch a special message from him. It's a great way to familiarize your little ones with our amazing Santa!
  • NO LINES to wait in, NO SICK CHILDREN to worry about, NO FEAR being instilled in your little ones by others, NO WORRIES about who our Santa is and where our proceeds are going. We are all about transparency and very open about where we choose to donate to (and our Santa is highly background checked)