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Hey Beautiful Mama-to-be

You’ve recently found out you are pregnant, growing a little miracle inside your beautiful body… and you think to yourself- Should I choose maternity photography? Should I get my pregnancy documented? What if I look fat? What if my skin looks different? What if…What if you hired a photographer that loves working with pregnant mamas, one who has years of experience making pregnant mamas look and FEEL fabulous about themselves? I have photographed quite a few pregnant mamas over the past 8 years being a professional photographer, and can I tell you a secret?

Each mom had their own insecurities.

When each mom saw their photos from their sessions- those insecurities disappeared a bit. Want to know why?

Because each mama, each woman who is growing a miracle inside her womb, is absolutely wonderfully made and amazingly beautiful.

Each stretch mark. Each extra pound.

All beautiful.

All Perfect.

All YOU.

What's Included

Here's all that's included:Pre-Consultation in personWelcome packet- including details and a prep guide for your upcoming sessionSession lasting between 90 minutes- 2 1/2 hours in studioAn in-person viewing & ordering session of your photos at my studio, usually within 2-3 weeks from the session date (this is when you choose the Collection you want!)