Photography Business & Mentoring Services

Choosing to be a professional photographer is an exciting and can be a lucrative career choice...
but it’s important to have a firm grasp on what you are doing.

Photographers sometimes have a hard time learning how to put their amazing plans into action; from creation in their minds- to paper- to implementation. Learning by education, delivered by fellow photographers, is imperative to growing a small business to be sustainable and profitable.

We strive to make each experience with any of services offered- such as photography business mentoring or spiritual growth as a business owner – a genuine and safe place to grow as creatives. Julie, who is a seasoned professional in both business mentoring and photography, has a heart to help educate and encourage fellow creative photographers, equipping them with the tools and education they need to run a successful business AND still do what they love- creating beauty and touching the hearts of their clients.

Are you in need of some guidance with your branding? How are your sales sessions going for you and your business? Are you making the income you WANT? Are you reaching the client base you dream of? If you want any or all of these things for your business- you are in the right place, friend!

The Fundamentals of Business Mentoring


Learn to market your newborn photography business and attract the clients that will value art and appreciate your work. Master social media marketing and nail lead conversion.


If you aren’t selling a product… how are you in business? WHY are you in business? Learn to sell your product without being “salesy” or “high pressure sales” with ease and expertise.

Beautiful Website

No doubt the website game is at an all time high- which is why YOU need to create a beautiful website for your clients and potential clients with important content.

Run a Profitable Studio

Running a studio is scary. Being a business owner is scary. You need a solid foundation- one to build a foundation to grow your business and learn to make a profit.

Interested in Mentoring with Julie?

Choosing your mentoring options can be tricky- always know what kind of learning style you have so you can best retain information during your time with Julie- is it in a quiet, 1:1 type of environment? Or do you learn well in small groups and participate well? Since each person is different in their learning styles, Julie is well versed in working with all learning types.

Business Mentoring Services begin at $250.

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